Turkish Raki (Alcoholic Turkish Drink)


What is the raki?

Raki is an alcohol obtained by the way  distillation of grapes. As made from auyhentic raki grapes there are also types obtained by distillation of barley.  Raki widely used in Turkey, it is an alcoholic beverage usually consumed at dinner, you can drink meals and appetizers.  It is obtained by adding anise flavor to alcohol obtained from grapes.

What is in the ingredient of raki?

Raki has two main raw ingredients. The first of these is grape, which is the raw ingredient from which alcohol is obtained , the other is aniseed which gives raki its aroma.



Aniseed is a useful plant type that has a different and effective smell and it is generally used in alcohol and medicine production. Green aniseed is used in the production of raki.


The sugar in the grape juice obtained from the fresh grapes of raki by fermentation It is converted into alcohol and used to make raki. Since fresh grapes are not available in all seasons, some raki are also made from dried grape.

How To Make Raki?

  1. Fresh grapes are crush out and separated from the pulp.
  2. The sugar in the grape juice is converted into alcohol by fermentation.
  3. The alcohol obtained is distilled in retorts at this grade and after this process, “suma” is obtained.
  4. The obtained suma is distilled again with aniseed seeds and the resulting liquid is called rakı.
raki and fbaked fish
raki and fbaked fish

How to drink Raki?

Raki was consumed as straight in ancient times, but since it was heavy in this way, it has been started to be drunk by mixing it with water in a ratio of half to half in steep and narrow glasses called lemonade glasses. Raki should be drunk cold and with cold water from its own special glass, otherwise it might not be very enjoyable.

Before you start drinking,  raki  should be poured into the glass first, followed by water, If ice is to be put optionally, it should be put last.

raki glass
raki glass

How much Raki drinking?

As the alcohol in raki mixes slowly with blood, you may not see its effect in the first hour, but do not be fooled by it and do not overdo it in use, it will usually take full effect after an hour or when you stand up. While it takes 8-9 glasses to get drunk for a person who mostly consumes alcohol, 2 glasses may be enough for someone who never drinks. Our recommendation is to consume 4-5 glasses .

When should  Drink Raki ?

This issue is very clear which some Turkish poets also mentioned in their poems. Raki is not a drink it can drink  on the run  and is drunk after sunset with setting a nice table.


What Should Be With The Raki ?


With to the raki, there should be slow, emotional music that is not very hit.


You know more or less the variety of Turkish cuisine. Appetizers are indispensable with raki. Yoghurt, cheese types and many more appetizer types are available. If you do not have an idea about this, You can take a look at haydari and leaf wrap recipes. Especially leaf wrap is definitely served with raki located Turkey in tavern.

baked fish
baked fish

Fish And Meat

Meat and fish must be accompanied by raki. You should choose someone meat or fish. Usually when raki is consumed with a meal these meals cannot be random meals. If you want to drink raki with meat or fish and  If you have no idea how to prepare the dishes, you can look at the recipes for baked fish and shish kebab.

In our article, we talked about raki, one of the indispensable alcoholic beverages of Turkish cuisine. If you still have questions that you can’t find an answer to, you can ask us a question as a comment.We look forward to your thoughts.


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