Pumpkin Bread (Kabaklı Ekmek Tarifi)


Hello friends ! Today , we will give you a wonderful bread recipe as Turkish Foods family . Bread is an indispensable part of our every meal of the day. You know that the place of bread is very important in Turkish cuisine . You can find many different and delicious bread recipes in Turkish cuisine . The bread recipe we will give you today is the pumpkin bread recipe , which is slightly different from the other breads. Used in many dessert , salads and dishes , pumpkin is also used in a light bread . Having less calories than other breads , pumpkin bread will be one of your favourite foods.

In addition , this recipe is a good alternative for those who want to make their own bread at home and who are searching different recipes. This bread , which has both a different taste and a different appearance , has been appreciated by everyone who has tried it. You can create a visual feast on your tables with this recipe with less ingredients . You can consume this bread, which is consumed by everyone , both for breakfast , lunch and dinner.

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Şerife Şakrak
Delicious pumpkin bread recipe
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Brewing time 1 hour
Total Time 2 hours 40 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Turkish Cuisine
Servings 4 person
Calories 210 kcal


  • Oven
  • Cake tin
  • Pot
  • bowl
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • strainer
  • Strech wrap


  • 300 gram pumpkin
  • 100 ml water
  • 3 glasses of flour
  • 1 spoon sugar
  • 1 spoon dry yeast
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 100 ml milk
  • 100 ml oil


  • Firstly , cut the pumpkin into small pieces
  • Then, put the pumpkin and water in a pot and boil them until soft
  • Put the pumpkin in a strainer and crush them with a spoon and strain them
  • Put the dry yeast and sugar in a lukewarm milk and mix them
  • Add the mixture in the bowl with the pumpkin
  • Add the oil
  • Then , add the flour and salt and knead well
  • Wait for 1 hour to ferment
  • After fermenting , expand the dough well with your hand and roll it
  • Put the dough in the cake tin and wait 20 minutes
  • Then , pour about 1 spoon of milk over the dough
  • Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 45 minutes


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In addition ,since it has a different flavor , you can consume it only with tea in the middle of the day. You will never regret trying this pumpkin bread recipe  loved by everyone. As a Turkish Foods family , we definitely recommend  you to try this recipe. Don’t forget to recommend  it to your friends after trying it.

Bon Appetit !

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