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Famous Turkish Chef Nusret and Nusr-et Steakhouse


Meat is one of the indispensable ingredients of Turkish cuisine. Alongside the high consumption of meat that Turks don’t make avaible their dinner tables, it is possible to taste many different types of meals on Turkish dinner tables.  Under these circumstances, the mastership of Turkish chefs in meat meals has also taken on a different dimension. Nusret Chef, who has gained a reputation around the world, is one of them. In this article, we will try to answer most questions you wonder about Nusret and  his restaurants. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to in our article, You can remark in the comments, we can answer those questions in our next article.

Who is Nusret? Nusret’s Life Story

 When he was born in Erzurum in 1983 the Turkish chief, who became famous with the name Nusret, nobody knew that he would be famous in the world. His father was a collier and his mother a housewife. The economic situation of the family was not good at all. Soon, this economic impossibility would affect Nusret as well. Nusret had to leave the school in the 6th grade middle school.

After leaving school, he started working as an apprentice for a butcher. He continued his apprenticeship in the butchers bazaar in Istanbul for a long time. He constituted the basis of his current career in this bazaar. Here he worked with ten butchers at the same time and for 18 hours without a break. Nusret, whose current professionalism came from this point, After working in a butcher-restaurant concept that was opened in Istanbul, he took up different things. He left Istanbul and went to Argentina with only seven thousand Turkish liras and developed his own ideas by visiting butchers and meat restaurants there. Later, he went to America with a 3-month US visa and worked in the famous restaurants for improve himself and he don’t request charge. A menu made by Nusret has been a guest on the pages of the New York Times and this was his first notable achievement.

 When Nusret returned Turkey he had’nt work then he opened a restaurant with the help of his friend. Soon, Nusret who repaid the borrowed money from his friend With this step, it is one step closer to its current success. Nusrat’s main turning point is a big company in Turkey, which Dogus Group’s  has been  offer him partnership. Nusret, who accepted this offer, became a partner of a rapidly growing business after that time. The partnership of Doğuş Group has a great share in Nusret’s success today.

Nusret Gökçe

How Did Nusret Become a Good Chef?

One of the biggest factors in Nusret’s current mastery and ownership of a large restaurant chain is the apprenticeship tradition in Turkish culture. In the apprenticeship tradition in Turkish culture, children are sent to a mastership in any field when they are younger and the child is provided with a good learning of this job starting from an early age. Nusret implemented exactly this system. Thanks to this tradition, Nusret has constituted a good basis in meat.In addition to the apprenticeship tradition, Nusret’s interest in innovation and entrepreneurial spirit made him gain the reputation and strength he is now.

Nusret’s salt show.

How Nusret Became Famous?

There are several reasons why Nusret is at the point where he is now,  In addition to the fact that people like these different things by improving themselves and trying different things, Doğuş Group provided him a fund, which can be regarded as the biggest share and turning point. Nusret used this power very well and by using social media effectively and successfully, his reputation quickly spread from language to language.

Nusret has 38 million followers only on Instagram.

Where Does Nusret Have Branches?

Nusret Ankara Branch

Nusret Bodrum Branch

Nusret İstanbul Etiler Branch

Nusret United Arab Emirates Dubai Branch

Nusret United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Branch

Nusret Doha Branch

Nusret Miami Branch

Nusret New York Branch

Nusret Mykonos Branch

Nusret Dallas Branch

Nusret London Branch (To Be Opened Soon)

King of the meat Nusret.

Nusret Boston Branch


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