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CZN BurakFamous Restaurant Owner of Hatay Civilizations Table, Famous Chef CZN Burak

Instagram Phenomenon Who is Famous Chef CZN Burak?

The instagram phenomenon, CZN Burak was determined to continue cookery, the profession of his grandfather. The province of Turkey, which opened its first branch in Aksaray. CZN Burak, who received positive feedback in his first branch, he decided to open a branch in Istanbul. He opened branches in Taksim and Etiler, province of Istanbul. It has reached a considerable number of followers on Instagram with its friendly and sympathetic attitudes and interesting presentation techniques.

What’s in the menu of CZN Burak’s Restaurant Hatay Civilizations Table?

CZN Burak host his  visitors with a menu with many varieties. Stew food, kebabs; lahmacun contains many kinds of dishes in its menu. We will give you information from the menu with images at the bottom of our article.

What is CZN Burak İnstagram Username?

CZN Burak is an instagram phenomenon besides cooking and management. You can watch his videos by following him.CZN Burak Turkey

CZN Burak İnsatgram Username:


Locations of Branches Owned by CZN Burak:

İstanbul Etiler

Phone Number: 0212 325 31 31

İstanbul Taksim

Phone Number: 0212 293 31 31

Menu of CZN Burak’s Restaurant:

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