Famous Turkish Restaurants

Famous Restaurants in Antalya


Restaurants that must be visited in Antalya

When we say vacationin Turkey the first thing that comes to your mind Antalya, it is host to many natural beauties. Besides the natural beauty you can try delicious dishes from each other in Antalya,When Turkey your visit. You can reach delicious dishes by considering our list of famous restaurants of Antalya, which we have compiled for you.


1- Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

 Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

Located in Antalya Kaleici, the restaurant offers you great tastes. Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant blends international cuisine with traditional motifs and offers you delicious tastes. Do not forget to make a reservation before going to this place.

Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant Phone number: +902422476015

Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant Location

2- 7 Mehmet Restaurant

7 mehmet restaurant in antalya

This place offers a delicious dining opportunity with a magnificent sea view. You should try seasoned rice with liver on fillet steak and a milk pudding with coconut  place where Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine dishes are on the menu. You should definitely visit this Turkish restaurant when your visit to Antalya.

7 Mehmet Restaurant Phone number: +902422385200

7 Mehmet Restaurant Location


b12 steak kasap in antalya3- B12 Steak&Kasap

For those who say I want to eat meat, you will get enough of meat in this restaurant that we have included in our special list. You should definitely try special rested meats and salads that are beautiful than each other.

B12 Steak&Kasap Phone number: +902423233310

B12 Steak&Kasap Location


4- Balıkçı İrfan

balıkçı irfan retaurant

You will be amazed at this restaurant where you will get enough of seafood with a magnificent sea view. We recommend that you add this restaurant, which has a very clean and friendly service, to your list of places to visit.

Balıkçı İrfan Phone number: +905333657723

Balıkçı İrfan Location


5- Arma Restaurant

Arma Restaurant in Antalya

You can experience seafood in this restaurant, where you will admire the sunset view.

Arma Restaurant Phone number: +902422449710

Arma Restaurant Location


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