Turkish Breakfast

What is Included in Turkish Breakfast ?


What is included in a classic Turkish breakfast? What are they  essential?

Now that you are here and  according to starting reading our article, you love Turkish food and Turkish taste and you are very interested in them; We think that you started learning from the question of what is included in a Turkish breakfast. We love you as you like Turkish tastes. We rolled up our sleeves to make a complete list for you. When you finish reading this article, you will learn what should be in a Turkish breakfast. We leave you alone with the essential items of Turkish breakfast that you will admire.

What are the Main Elements of Turkish Breakfast?

Turkish Tea


Tea is essential for Turks and Turkish breakfast table.  Turks start the day with tea and finish the day with tea. Therefore, when you say Turkish breakfast the first thing that comes to mind is tea. Maybe you are the general sense begins the day with a coffee habit is leaving this situation the tea in Turkey. Tea is cooked in the teapot in turkey. After the tea is brewed well, it is put into small glasses called tea glasses.  Small spoons with  prepared for small cups and tea is put in sugar  mixing according to preference. Tea accompanies breakfast from the beginning to the end of the Turkish breakfast.

Natural Butter2.Natural Butter:

The natural butter, another member of the Turkish breakfast, is the friendliness of honey and bread, the enemy of loss of appetite. A little natural butter is to butter between the bread and on top of it, jam or honey is to butter and it is eaten with pleasure. Very useful butter honey dual are the most vitamin and healthy items of Turkish breakfast.


The inseparable friend honey of the natural butter, which we have just described, should definitely be found. A honey without butter, a butter without honey is unthinkable at breakfast. Turkey has developed beekeeping with natural wealth and most of the honey from the are naturally found in the breakfast table without any action.



You can see all kinds of jams at a Turkish breakfast table. Maybe you can meet jams that you have never met before and taste their wonderful flavors. Turkish breakfast, rich in all aspects when you say  jam , contains legendary varieties. For example; Many kinds of jams such as fig jam, strawberry jam, cherry jam, raspberry jam, eggplant jam, apple jam, grapefruit jam and apricot jam are available for Turkish breakfast. Of course, it varies according to preference.




If you are going to accompany a Turkish breakfast one day, it is impossible not to see the egg. You can see many varieties such as fried eggs, boiled eggs, bacon and  fried egg with garlic sausages, and eggs with cheese in Turkish breakfasts. It was impossible that this nutritious element was not already in Turkish breakfast.


Baked-Breads6.Freshly Baked Crispy Breads, Patrys and Sesame Bagel:

Although many changes in bread eating habits in the world, bread eating habits is quite excessively in Turkey. Bread is consumed a lot in almost every meal. Crispy breads freshly baked, various pastries and sesame bagels harmoniously accompany the delicious Turkish breakfast. It should not be mentioned as a bagel with sesame seeds and it has a different place in Turkish breakfast.




7.Cheese Types:

In Turkish breakfast, you will see at least one type of cheese, as well as tea, bread and eggs.  There are varieties peculiar to of cheese certain regions of Turkey, this means that each region has a different type of cheese for breakfast. If you are lucky, one day you can come across many at the Turkish breakfast table.


Turkish Olive8.Olive:

We say Turkish olives, we don’t say anything else!  It is pluck from tree branch and passed through Turkish-specific processes olives that  take breakfast to a different dimension. Again, as in cheese, as there are many kinds of olives, you can encounter different types of Turkish breakfasts.


Here, we have counted eight Turkish breakfast items, however, as there are many kinds of ingredients, the Turkish breakfast may differ from region to region. We wish you to accompany this unique breakfast table one day. You can try Turkish delicacies from the recipes on our site. If you go to Turkey, you can taste these delicacies from the restaurant promotions we have compiled for you.





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